Training and Education

In 2021, employee qualification initiatives continued to focus on the virtual training environment, as social distancing recommendations were maintained in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. TIM invested more than R$ 10 million in training and education, diversity and development programs, an average of R$ 1,044 per employee, prioritizing the training of professionals to meet the demands of the business and face the contemporary challenges of the telecommunications sector. The actions covered the development of digital, technical, and behavioral capabilities of the teams.

Within the scope of the ESG Plan, TIM continues to promote the strengthening of the corporate culture for sustainability. On the internal training platform, several courses are available for employees to better understand TIM’s sustainable business model. At the end of the year, 95% of employees had completed training on environmental, social and governance topics.

Main qualification initiatives at TIM

  • Specific technical training: They focus on qualification and technical updating so that employees can perform the tasks of their respective functions.
  • Transversal training: Addressing issues common to different areas, these courses support the understanding and preparation to overcome business challenges and contribute for the corporate result.
  • Institutional training: They facilitate the integration of the employee into TIM’s policies and corporate culture, contributing to a better environment in the Company.
  • Learning journeys: They are customized programs by area and specific topics, such as the Evolution program, which includes the complete training of store leaders and sales consultants in institutional, leadership and business topics, in addition to Journey to Cloud and Agile Journey, aimed at TIM’s digital transformation.
  • Onboarding Program: AcolIt welcomes and integrates new employees, presenting corporate guidelines on essential aspects of ethical conduct, anti-corruption, sectorial context, and competitive scenario, among other relevant topics.

 For more information about TIM’s training and education, please visit our ESG Report.