Why Invest in TIM?

Reasons to invest in TIM

Brazil’s most innovative telecom company

TIM has always been in the forefront of the major transformations of the Brazilian mobile market:

  • “Test Drive TIM”: a new strategic launch.
  • The launch of TIM´s new partnership campaign alongside AMBEV: Zé Delivery.
  • Pioneer in the telecommunications sector to conduct strategic partnerships in different markets, seeking to monetize its customer base in several business models: performance in mobile advertising, sale of data intelligence, financial services and digital education, security and health services (2020/2021/2022);
  • Introduced the new mechanics for the prepaid plans bringing to the segment the logic of rewarding the relationship, including a benefit program for clients with the 1st exclusive app dedicated to the segment (2020);
  • Introduced the concept of entertainment hub for the mobile market with the TIM Black Família (2019);
  • Included value aggregated services in postpaid plans and in some prepaid plans (2016);
  • Eliminated different rates between different operators (2015);
  • Introduced the first plan focus on data for smartphones in partnership with WhatsApp, starting a wave of partnerships with apps in the sector (2014);
  • Launched pay-per-call concept and eliminated long distance call rate differentiation between TIM users (2009/2010);
  • Introduced the market’s first smartphone (BlackBerry) (2005);
  • First operator to have nationwide GSM coverage (2002).
Solid financial and competitive position

Search for competitive advantages without losing focus on financial sustainability.

  • Leverage at a healthy level: -0.04x Net Debt-AL/LTM EBITDA-AL in the 2023;
  • Solid liquidity: Cash position reaching R$ 5 billion in 2023;
  • Classified as Fitch Ratings’ “AAA(bra)” National Long-Term Rating, reflecting the company’s strong business profile;
  • One of the largest EBITDA Margins in the Brazilian telecommunications market: 48.9% in 2023;
  • Guidance of R$ 2.9 billion distribution increasing the level of shareholders remuneration in 2023;
  • Acquisition of Oi’s Mobile Assets as a game changer for TIM;
  • Pioneer in the sector to issue encouraged debentures linked to ESG goals: R$ 1.6 billion in 2021;
  • A company focused on accountability, disclosing not only quarterly and annual operating and financial results, but also its short, medium and long-term financial perspectives and goals.
Mobile-centric operator with robust fixed infrastructure

Leader in 4G coverage, with strong presence in 5G and with investments to expand its fiber optic network:

  • The only telco with 4G coverage in all Brazilian cities;
  • TIM’s 5G present in the country’s 27 state capitals;
  • Mobile base of more than 60 million customers;
  • Approximately 180,000 kilometers of fiber optics throughout the country;
  • Approximately 30,000 sites;
  • First telco in Brazil to test network efficiency solutions: Massive MIMO; Network sharing agreements; Network clouding.
Highest level of corporate governance and strong commitment to social and environmental aspects

Pioneer in ESG themes (“Environmental, Social & Governance”) in the telecommunications sector in Brazil:

  • For the first time, TIM has achieved entry into the CDP´s “A List”, the world´s leading reference for climate information.
  • TIM was appointed as one of the best technology companies to work for according to the ranking of Great Place to Work (GPTW) Brazil – Information Technology, in which the operator conquered the 7th position. This is another recognition from TIM, which is ranked 12th among the Best Companies to Work for in the country by GPTW. In addition, it is present in B3’s IGPTW index.
  • For more than a decade, it has published the Sustainability Report to its stakeholders in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”), and also has been indicated by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (“SASB”) since 2021.
  • Unique in the sector to be listed in the Novo Mercado, remaining for 16 consecutive years in the ISE portfolio and member of the S&P´s “Corporate Sustainability Benchmark”/B3 Brazil ESG index;
  • One share, one vote: only common shares with a single dividend policy;
  • 100% control disposal premium;
  • Presence in other important indices of the Brazilian market: ICO2, IBRX, ITAG, IGC, IDIVERSA;
  • Also belonging to international indices: MSCI Global SRI, FTSE Russell, ESG Morningstar´s 2024, Sustainalytics Industry Top Rated, Bloomberg Gender Equality e Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion;
  • Signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2008;
  • Only operator in the sector appointed as pro-ethics company by Comptroller General of the Union.