People Management

TIM seeks to ensure the well-being and health of its employees through humanized management of welcoming environments, valuing mental health, adequate and flexible working hours and the promotion of diversity. The company values its talents and recognizes the importance of its professionals’ development and training actions.

TIM’s purpose, values and strategic objectives guided its challenges and the attitudes of its employees throughout the year. To this end, the company worked to reinforce with its professionals, on a daily basis, a culture of innovation, high performance, inclusion and well-being, aiming to promote an environment favorable to the development of people and the achievement of corporate goals.

In 2023, 9,630 people made up the company’s human and intellectual capital, of which 51% are women and 49% men.

See below TIM’s employees data by functional category:

2021 2022 2023
Director level 71 85 81
Management 733 752 794
Professionals 4,085 4,140 4.201
Sales force 497 520 506
Call centers 2,041 1,865 1.693
Stores 1,910 2,044 2.000
Apprentices 128 141 176
Interns 216 237 179
Total 9,681 9,784 9.630

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