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TIM - Relações com Investidores

Company Profile

TIM is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Brazil.  With a focus on investing in innovation and in the quality of its network, services and customer service, TIM fulfills its mission of connecting and caring for every customer so that everyone can do more.
As the first operator in Brazil to have a nationwide presence, TIM has innovation in its DNA and seeks to enhance its users' lives through its technology. Therefore, in addition to constantly working on expanding and improving its network, the company has amassed a complete portfolio, offering mobile and fixed telephony and access to the Internet.  With TIM, individual and corporate customers can always be connected.
The company's infrastructure is one of its strategic priorities. Over the past few years, TIM has upgraded its equipment and made acquisitions - such as Intelig, in 2009, and AES Atimus, in 2011 - reinforcing its commitment to quality and accessibility. From 2016 to 2018, the company will invest less than R$14 billion in its Brazilian operations, and most of that amount will be earmarked to expand 4G and 3G coverage throughout the country, in line with the company’s growth expectations in demand for data traffic.
Transparency is also one of the carrier's pillars. TIM is a publicly-held company, whose shares, are listed on São Paulo’s BM&FBOVESPA under the ticker symbol TIMP3,  and ADRs (American Depositary Receipts), listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) under the ticker symbol TSU. TIM is also the only company in the telecommunications industry listed on BM&FBOVESPA's "New Market," recognized for requiring the maximum level of corporate governance, and is also part of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE), and the Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2).  One of its key initiatives is the Open Doors project, which allows consumers to monitor network enhancement and improvement actions, in addition to get to know the true picture of TIM's coverage. Also worthy of note are the TIM Institute initiatives, which seek to create and maximize strategic resources to make science education and innovation available to everyone in Brazil.  
You, your home and your business
Mobile and fixed telephony and access to the Internet via modems, tablets, and mobile phones running on the 3G and 4G technologies, in addition to the ultra-fixed Internet, are the services that are part of TIM's innovative portfolio. The operator was the first on the market to invest in offering new formats, such as charging for the use of voice and mobile Internet per day or through monthly billing plans paid via credit card. And it continues revolutionizing the market, delivering more benefits and providing more accessible rates to its consumers.
The company also has ideal solutions for small, medium and large businesses. The Corporate Solutions area offers fixed voice and advanced data services to the corporate segment, understanding the corporations' profiles and needs and enhancing its customers' productivity and competitiveness while yet decreasing their costs.
In the fixed ultra-Internet segment, Live TIM is a quality benchmark, with the most satisfied customer base in the country. The carrier introduced on the market navigation plans that are about ten times faster than the average Brazilian broadband, thus allowing much faster file downloads and uploads, crash-free gaming, and high-definition, real-time video streaming. Live TIM offers 35 MB to 1 GB plans and is available to residential and business customers in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Duque de Caxias, and Nova Iguaçu. The company also offers Live TIM Blue Box, an entertainment center that integrates - in a single system - free high-definition digital TV, Netflix and YouTube content, and pay TV through an exclusive collaboration with TV Alphaville.



Connecting and caring about each one so that everyone is able to achieve more.



• We ask legitimate questions to find out what customers truly want.
• We listen carefully and curiously to what customers have to say.
• Our decision making process takes heavily into account our customer’s experience.
• We’re proud to have a positive impact on the lives of our customers.

• We establish clear and true relationships with everyone.
• Transparency and integrity in our actions builds trust.

• We innovate by finding new ways to do things.
• We rely on creativity to go further.

• We’re responsible.
• We recognize we’re part of a broader common project.
• We collaborate by investing our talent and effort in each and every action.

We make “more", “better" and “faster" in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.
• We plan, decide and execute quickly, making things easier for everyone around us.

Telecom Italia Group

With over a century of experience, the Group is an Italian enterprise belonging to the telecommunications sector and one of Europe's industry leaders and by means of its subsidiaries, spans the entire advanced communications services chain - fixed and mobile telephony, the internet, media and innovative business solutions and systems. Research and innovation is a key driver for the Group, as it develops the technologies of the future at its Labs. Thanks to one of the most extensive and advanced networks in the world, Telecom Italia plays an important role in driving and increasing broadband, as well as exploiting opportunities arising from technological convergence. The Telecom Italia Group has been operating in Brazil in 1998, through TIM Brasil Serviços e Participações S.A., being one of the most outstanding cellular operators in Brazil, serving in all Brazilian states, by means of TIM Participações.

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Consolidated Operating Data

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Brazilian Wireless Subscriber Base (Mln) 121.0 150.6 174.0 202.9 242.2 261.8 271.1 280.7 257.8
Municipalities Served (GSM) 2,655 2,768 2,958 3,203 3,294 3,383 3,404 3,433 3,448
Estimated Total Penetration 64.2% 79.1% 90.6% 104.7% 123.9% 132.8% 136.4% 138.0% 125.7%
Market Share 25.8% 24.2% 23.6% 24.1% 26.5% 26.9% 27.1% 27.0% 25.7%
Total Lines (´000) 31,254 36,402 41,102 51,028 64,083 70,376 73,431 75,721 66,234
Pre-paid Lines (´000) 24,483 29,832 34,651 43,549 54,778 59,658 61,146 63,212 52,654
Post-paid Lines (´000) 6,771 6,571 6,452 7,479 9,305 10,718 12,285 12,508 13,581
Gross Additions (´000) 15,401 17,080 20,681 28,608 39,755 38,408 39,627 39,097 34,201
Net Additions  (´000) 5,843 5,149 4,700 9,913 13,056 6,293 3,055 2,289 -9,487
Churn 35.2% 35.5% 42.4% 42.4% 47.9% 47.5% 50.9% 49.6% 59.1%
Total ARPU 34.4 29.7 26.5 23.7 21.4 19.1 18.6 17.7 16.7
Total MOU 96 95 83 116 129 136 148 136 119
Investment (R$ Mln) 1,933 3,272 2,148 2,836 3,002 3,765 3,871 6,854 4,764
Employees 10,043 10,300 9,233 9,081 10,562 11,650 12,167 12,860 13,062


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