Why invest in TIM?

Reasons to invest in TIM

Brazil’s most innovative telecom company: TIM has always been in the forefront of the major transformations of the Brazilian mobile market.

    • Introduced the new mechanics for the prepaid plans bringing to the segment the logic of rewarding the relationship, including a benefit program for clients with the 1st exclusive app dedicated to the segment (2020)
    • Introduced the concept of entertainment hub for the mobile market with the TIM Black Família (2019)
    • Included value aggregated services in postpaid plans and in some prepaid plans (2016)
    • Eliminated different rates between different operators (2015)
    • Introduced the first plan focus on data for smartphones in partnership with WhatsApp, starting a wave of partnerships with apps in the sector (2014)
    • Launched pay-per-call concept and eliminated long distance call rate differentiation between TIM users (2009/2010)
    • Introduced the market’s first smartphone (BlackBerry) (2005)
    • First operator to have nationwide GSM coverage (2002)


Solid financial and competitive position: search for competitive advantages without losing focus on financial sustainability.

    • Low level of indebtedness, allowing us to be a consolidator player in the market: -0.16x Net Debt/EBITDA in the 2020
    • Mobile customer base of more than 50 million clients
    • Largest EBITDA Margin in the Brazilian telecom market


Mobile-centric operator with sturdy fixed infrastructure: leader in 4G coverage with investments to expand its fiber optic network.

    • More than 108,000 km of fiber optical network throughout the country
    • Leader in 4G-LTE coverage: more than 3,800 cities and 95% of the population covered, in the end of the 2020
    • More than 20,000 sites
    • First operator to test new efficiency solutions for the network: Massive MIMO; Network sharing agreements; Network cloudification
    • First Brazilian operator to announce pilot projects for 5G testing


Highest level of corporate governance and strong commitment to social and environmental aspects: only company in the sector listed on ‘Novo Mercado’ of B3, to maintain a Statutory Audit Committee and that has been part of the ISE portfolio for 13 consecutive years.

    • One share, one vote: only common shares with a single dividend policy
    • 100% tag along
    • Alignment of interests between controlling and minority shareholders
    • 13 consecutive years of participation in the of B3’s Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) portfolio and part of the S&P/B3 Brasil ESG index and B3’s ICO2
    • Part of the MSCI Global SRI and FTSE Russell Indexes
    • Signatory of the United Nations Global Compact
    • More than 1,600 biosites installed


High level communication with the financial market: TIM’s investor relations team is among the highest-ranked in Institutional Investor’s magazine

In 2019:

    • Award-winning team, among the best for 9 years
    • #3 in CFO ranking by sell-side analysts, #2 in IR Professional ranking by sell-side analysts and #3 in IR Team ranking by sell-side analysts
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