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Notice to the Market - TIM joins the home fixed market

Rio de Janeiro, September 10th, 2008 – TIM Participações S.A. (BOVESPA: TCSL3 and TCSL4; and NYSE: TSU), which retains direct control of TIM Celular S.A. and indirect control of TIM Nordeste S.A., providing nationwide telecommunication services, announces today the launch of TIM Fixo, a product aimed to the home fixed market.

TIM Fixo is a post-paid service aimed to clients who wish to use the TIM fixed service to receive and make calls from their home zone. The new product, which works through TIM's GSM network, does not need to be installed, is free from registration and subscription fees and also, offers value-added services at no additional cost.

After acquiring the offer, clients activate the fixed number and can start to use all TIM Fixo's services and benefits. At first, TIM will offer 250 minutes of local calls to fixed numbers for R$29.90 per month and competitive national and international long-distance tariffs, in addition to a 30% discount on calls to TIM mobile numbers.

TIM Fixo will be offered to around 300 municipalities with TIM's STFC coverage (Fixed Commuted Telephone Service), including all the state capitals and cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants, covering 60% of the Brazilian's urban population. The new service is available in all Brazilian states, including the localities of the first national codes where number portability began in September, 1st: 14 and 17 (São Paulo), 27 (Espírito Santo), 37 (Minas Gerais), 43 (Paraná), 62 (Goiás), 67 (Mato Grosso do Sul) and 86 (Piauí). In these localities, fixed clients from other operators can transfer their numbers to TIM by hiring TIM Fixo.

With this new product, TIM, the largest GSM operator in South America, reinforces its convergence strategy by offering the widest communication services portfolio in the market, including mobile service, broadband, pay TV (through partnerships) and now, the home fixed service.
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