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TIM Participações SA ("Company") (BOVESPA: TIMP3, and NYSE: TSU), a company which controls directly TIM Celular SA and Intelig Telecom Ltda., and indirectly TIM Fiber SP Ltda. and TIM Fiber RJ SA, the Company brings to the attention of its shareholders and the general public that with reference to rumors about a possible restriction on the marketing of its services, is unaware of such an extreme measure, and the fundamentals of it.

TIM announces that continues to invest about R$ 3 billion per year for the past four years (including 2012), almost all directed to infrastructure, above the average in the mobile market.

The Company also states that has been fulfilling and strictly follows the guidelines of Anatel in terms of quality, which is an ongoing analysis by the agency with the operators. Moreover, TIM is developing a set of infrastructure projects to follow supporting its growth and capturing the opportunities offered by the Brazilian market, especially:

• Metropolitan Network: expansion of its networks with leased lines exchange for own infrastructure of fiber optic cables in 12 cities of the country and microwave transmission;
• Coverage: expansion of infrastructure access with growth of 3G coverage, increase the capacity of 2G and the begging of 4G the deployment;
• Backbone: expansion long distance networks with fiber optic cables to complement the infrastructure (eg fiber optics in the Amazon);
• Wi-Fi: installation of approximately 10mil hot-spots by the end of 2012.

The Company emphasizes that quality is a constant theme in our interactions with Anatel and, accordingly, the operator works with the technical area to always offer the best service.

Rio de Janeiro, July 12nd 2012.

Rogério Tostes
Investor Relations Officer
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