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DATE, TIME AND PLACE: December 1st, 2008, at 09:30 hours, in the City and State of Rio de Janeiro.

ATTENDANCE: The Board of Directors of TIM Participações S.A. ("Company") was gathered, with the totality of its acting members and, pursuant to the provided for in the § 2nd of the Section 29 of the Company's By-laws, Messieurs Gabriele Galateri di Genola, Mario Cesar Pereira de Araujo, Carmelo Furci, Stefano Ciurli and Josino de Almeida Fonseca attended the meeting by means of video conference, while Messieurs Maílson Ferreira da Nóbrega and Isaac Selim Sutton attended the meeting by means of conference call.

BOARD: Mr. Gabriele Galateri di Genola – Chairman; and Mrs. Alessandra Catanante – General Secretary.

AGENDA: (1) examine, discuss and approve the proposed budget of the Company for the year of 2009; (2) other matters related to the items of the agenda or even of general interest to the Company.

RESOLUTIONS: Upon review and discussion of the matter included in the Agenda and the related material, the Board Members resolved, by unanimous vote and with no restrictions: (1) pursuant to the material previously forwarded to the Board Members, approve the budget of the Company and its controlled companies for the year of 2009; (2) according to the material presented during the meeting, the Board Members took knowledge of the proposed calendar of the Board of Directors' Meetings for the year of 2009 and stated their consent with the referred calendar.

CLOSING: With no further issues to discuss, the meeting was adjourned and these minutes drafted, as summary, and read, approved and signed by the attending Board Members. Board Members: Messieurs Gabriele Galateri di Genola, Carmelo Furci, Stefano Ciurli, Mario Cesar Pereira de Araujo, Maílson Ferreira da Nóbrega, Josino de Almeida Fonseca and Isaac Selim Sutton.

I herein certify that these minutes are the faithful copy of the original version duly recorded in the respective book.

Rio de Janeiro (RJ), December 1st, 2008.

General Secretary
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