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TIM PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A. ("Company"), based on the provisions of the Brazilian Law No. 6.404/76 and CVM Instruction No. 358/02, hereby informs its shareholders, the market in general and other interested parties, about official letter CVM/SRE/N°138/2009, received by the Company on February, 3rd, 2009, informing about the decision given by CVM's Board of Commissioners regarding certain requests made by Telco S.p.A. (the "Plaintiff"), pursuant to the transcription of its content, as follows:

"To the purposes herein, we communicate that the Board of Commissioners of this Securities and Exchange Commission, during the meeting that took place on this date and taking into consideration the notice of the decision by the plaintiff on January 22nd, 2009 as well as the complexity of the issues arising from this proceeding, has decided to:

(i) suspend the term set forth in item I of CVM Resolution No. 463/03 for a period of 30 days; for this reason, such appeal shall be filed until March 9th, 2009; and

(ii) grant suspension effects, as set forth in item VI of said Resolution, for the presentation of the request for registry of the tender offer (OPA) until the ruling of such appeal by CVM's Board of Commissioners; in case the appealed decision is maintained, upon the re- commencement of the term, the acquirer of the control of TIM Participações S.A. shall have 18 days to file the request for registry of such tender offer, without prejudice of another judgment by CVM's Board of Commissioners at the time of the analyses of the merit of such appeal."

Rio de Janeiro, February 03, 2009.

Claudio Zezza
Investors Relations Officer
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